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The Protein Content of 230 Common Foods

The Amount of Protein In 230 Popular Foods | This article provides useful charts to show the amount of protein in 230 popular foods – from meat, seafood, nuts and dairy to fruit and vegetables. And which sources of protein are the best? #protein #aminoacids #highprotein

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The Top 20 Foods High In Magnesium

The Twenty Highest Magnesium Foods | Looking to up your magnesium intake? Here are 20 foods that contain large amounts of dietary magnesium. From cocoa to mackerel, avocado, and brazil nuts….magnesium-rich foods can be very tasty too! #magnesium #minerals #nutrition

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The Best Foods to Fight Bloat

Whatever the reason for your bloating, there are plenty of healthy foods (that also taste great!) that help reduce and prevent bloating. If you’re looking for a solution to bloating and want to eat something today that will help you look and feel better by tomorrow, you’re in the right …

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